How to Watch Today's Pokemon Presents

In just under an hour, players will get to see the future of the Pokemon franchise. The Pokemon [...]

In just under an hour, players will get to see the future of the Pokemon franchise. The Pokemon Company is airing a Pokemon Presents on its YouTube channel at 9 AM ET/6 AM PT. The announcement can be watched by clicking this link or by watching the video embedded above. The presentation will cover the new DLC content for Pokemon Sword and Shield and should reveal more news about the Pokemon Company's plans for the rest of the year. Possible news includes details about how players can obtain the Mythical Pokemon Zarude, new details about Pokemon Sleep, or even the announcement of the next Pokemon game or spinoff game.

We'll note that this presentation's Japanese title is identical to the live press conference back in 2018 that announced the Pokemon: Let's Go franchise. That game series was a remake of Pokemon Yellow using game mechanics and ideas from Pokemon Go and proved to be a surprise hit for Nintendo. Fans have expected Game Freak to announce even more Let's Go games for a while now, despite interviews with developers that stated that no Let's Go games were in development. Other rumors include the long-rumored remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, additional expansion content for Pokemon Sword and Shield, or even a new installment of Pokken Tournament or the announcement that another new Pokemon is joining the Super Smash Bros. game as DLC content.

Whatever the announcement is, you can expect to find full details here at Be sure to watch the presentation at 9 AM ET and then come here for a full breakdown of all the announcements and analysis on what exactly it means for the Pokemon franchise. You can also get reactions and more on our weekly Pokemon podcast A Wild Podcast Has Appeared, which is available wherever podcasts are found.