Rejected Pokemon Designs Reveal Mysterious Omega Pokemon, Gyarados as a Terrifying Worm

A new set of early Pokemon prototype designs has revealed a mysterious Pokemon called Omega.A TV [...]

A new set of early Pokemon prototype designs has revealed a mysterious Pokemon called Omega.

A TV special on the Japanese network NHK revealed prototype designs for several classic Pokemon, including Scyther, Gyarados, and Cloyster. It also revealed that Game Freak originally had a mechanical Pokemon named "Omega" that was eventually scrapped.This Pokemon has a certain resemblence to Mechagodzilla and has dangerous looking spikes sticking out of its back.

You can check out the Pokemon below (circled in red):

omega pokemon

Interestingly, the prototype designs revealed that several classic Pokemon had radically different looks. Syther originally looked a lot more like a dragon with a hunched back and horns, while Gyarados resembled an honest to god monster pulled straight out of Tremors. The images also showed off several well-known prototypes, such as a horned Lapras (which was seen in previous concept art) and the reveal that Cloyster was originally named Shellder, a name that it's pre-evolved form would eventually have.

Another piece of early concept art reveals a worm-like Pokemon attacking what looks like either a Tyranitar or a Gengar. Clearly, Game Freak took a ton of time designing what would eventually become the first Pokemon we grew to love.

2018 has been a busy year for rejected Pokemon designs. In addition to the ones seen above, we also got a look at several rejected Pokemon designs from Pokemon Gold and Silver thanks to the leak of a beta version of the game. We also saw a handful of early Pokemon designs from a manga that told the life story of Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri.