New Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Mystery Gift is Super Helpful for Terastallized Pokemon

A new Mystery Gift code has been released for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The code LETSTERA will gift players with TM171, which can be used to teach a Pokemon the Tera Blast move. The code is good through March 31st, so players have a fairly long time to claim this one, should they please. Tera Blast is a Normal-type move, but if the Pokemon that knows it has been Terastallized, it automatically changes to the Pokemon's Tera type. For Pokemon that can't otherwise learn a good move that corresponds to their Tera type, Tera Blast is a really helpful TM!

For those that have never redeemed a Mystery Gift, the process is really easy, and can be used to get a lot of beneficial items in the game. In the main menu, players will need to access the Mystery Gift option from "Poke Portal;" it's the last one players will see on the Poke Portal screen. Once there, players will be prompted to enter the code, and the Mystery Gift will appear.

Terastallization is a new mechanic introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. By default, most Pokemon have a Tera type that corresponds to their main type; for example, most of the Lechonk that players will encounter will have a Normal Tera type. However, players can find Pokemon that have unique Tera types, and they can even change a Pokemon's Tera type by using Tera Shards. This can be extremely beneficial for countering weaknesses, but it all falls apart if the Pokemon can't actually learn a move that takes advantage of their Tera type! This is where Tera Blast comes in, and nearly every Pokemon in the game can learn it. There are just two exceptions: Magikarp and Ditto. 

Finding the right Tera types and figuring out the best moves to take advantage of Terastallization are both very important in the game. The mechanic has greatly changed up Pokemon battles, and has helped Pokemon Scarlet and Violet differ greatly from past games!

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