Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Officially Reveals Wiglett

The Pokemon Company has officially unveiled Wiglett, a brand new Pokemon who looks an awful lot like Diglett. After an "unofficial" reveal yesterday, The Pokemon Company has released a new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer showing off Wiglett, a garden eel-esque Pokemon that looks a lot like Diglett. While the two Pokemon look similar, The Pokemon Company notes that Wiglett is an entirely different Pokemon species. The two Pokemon's similarities are "a result of its adaptation to its environment" or what biologists refer to as convergent evolution. You can check out the trailer for Wiglett below: 

Wiglett is a pure Water-type Pokemon with the abilities Gooey and Rattled, both of which increase Wiglett's speed in certain scenarios. The Pokedex entry notes that Wiglett has an exceptional sense of smell, with the ability to pick up scents from over 60 feet away. Like Diglett, Wiglett hides much of its body underground and as such no one knows how long Wiglett's body truly is. It's unclear whether Wiglett will evolve or if this is a single-stage Pokemon. 

This marks the first time convergent evolution have been referenced in the Pokemon games. The Pokemon Company has continued to play around with different real-world evolutionary concepts, with regional forms now commonplace in the game. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be set in the brand new Paldea region, which is based on the Iberian Peninsula in Europe. The new games are the first open-world Pokemon games, with players able to explore the region without any set routes to follow. The games will also feature the Terastal phenomenon, a new battle gimmick that crystallizes Pokemon and boosts their attack power related to one specific type of attack. While most Pokemon will have a "Tera Type" that matches one of their two Pokemon types, some Pokemon will have alternate types, which opens up a world of possibility in battles.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18th.