Nintendo President Confirms Pokemon Switch Game Will Be a "Traditional" Experience

Last week, Nintendo stunned the Pokemon fandom by announcing that Game Freak was developing a "core" Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch at E3. Unlike many of the other games announced at E3, Nintendo warned that the Pokemon Switch game wouldn't come out for a year or even longer.

Bloomberg business reporter Yuji Nakamura sat down with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime after E3 for a wide-ranging interview. Among the topics discussed was the new Pokemon game. Fils-Aime confirmed to Bloomberg that the upcoming game was a "traditional find, battle, train type experience."

Although this shouldn't come as a surprise to most Pokemon fans, it should dissuade some of the more...overambitious hopes for the new game. Some fans were calling for the Pokemon Switch to be a total reinvention of the Pokemon franchise instead of sticking the well-worn and successful pattern that the games have followed for the last 20 years.

Fils-Aime's comments should also convince fans that the Pokemon Switch game isn't some sort of bait and switch. When Nintendo hosted a Pokemon Direct earlier this week, they teased bringing Pokemon to the Switch...before revealing Pokken Tournament DX instead of a traditional Pokemon game.

Although fans will have to wait a while longer for the Pokemon Switch games, there are more Pokemon games on the way. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be released in November.


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