Pokemon Sword and Shield Adds Way to Get All 63 Forms of Gigantamax Alcremie

Pokemon Sword and Shield has changed up their current G-Max Raid Battle event to allow players to obtain all 63 variants of Gigantamax Alcremie. Last month, Pokemon Sword and Shield added Gigantamax Alcremie as one of five new Gigantamax Pokemon that have a boosted chance of appearing in raid battles. Alcremie previously appeared in only a few of its 63 different forms in the Max Raids, but a change made today will let players pick out what form they want their Alcremie to appear as. As of today, Gigantamax Alcremie has been replaced by special Milcery that have the ability to evolve into Alcremie and have the potential to Gigantamax. These Milcery can be identified by the Gigantamax symbol on the info screen after they've been caught. As part of the event, players can also earn the Star Sweets and Ribbon Sweets when defeating Milcery in battle. Previously, both of these types of sweets (which are used to evolve Milcery into various Alcremie forms) were unavailable in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Milcery evolves into Alcremie by giving it a sweet and then spinning your player character around. Alcremie will evolve into one of its different forms depending on the time of day, the sweet given to Milcery, the direction of the spin, and the length of spin. Alcremie's many different forms are purely aesthetic, but players have spent a lot of hours trying to complete their Alcremie collection. When in Gigantamax form, Alcremie deals damage and heals itself and its allies on the field by 1/6 of their total HP.


These special "Gigantamax" Milcery will remain available in Pokemon Sword and Shield between now and February 6th. If you want to customize your Gigantamax Alcremie, this week marks the best chance to do it.