Pokemon Sword & Shield's Galarian Star Tournament is Toughest Challenge in Game

Pokemon Sword & Shield's upcoming in-game tournament mode will be the game's toughest challenge [...]

Pokemon Sword & Shield's upcoming in-game tournament mode will be the game's toughest challenge yet. Previews of the Crown Tundra DLC are hitting the Internet, providing a few more bits of information about the upcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield content. One intriguing new reveal is that the DLC's upcoming Galarian Star Tournament is intended to be the game's biggest challenge and can only be accessed after players have beaten both the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra storylines and are crowned the Galar Champion. Certain trainer combos will unlock exclusive dialogue lines that will reveal "new sides" to the characters they've gotten to know throughout the Pokemon Sword and Shield journey.

The Galarian Star Tournament will features pick one other character from Pokemon Sword and Shield to team up with in a doubles knock-out tournament. Players will compete against the likes of Leon, Mustard, and various gym leaders from around the Galar region, as well as rival characters like Marnie and Hop. The tournament is reminiscent of the Battle Tree in Pokemon Sun and Moon, where players could choose to team up with a partner from either the Alola region or from past games to see how many battles they could win without losing.

The Crown Tundra DLC certainly seems like a fitting capstone for Pokemon Sword and Shield. In addition to the endgame Galarian Star Tournament, players will also be able to go through Dynamax Adventures to capture Legendary Pokemon from past games. A host of new Legendary Pokemon will also appear in the Crown Tundra, including Galarian versions of the Legendary Birds, the new Pokemon Calyrex, and two Pokemon tied to the Legendary Golems of the Hoenn region. Some other new surprises are also all but guaranteed.

The Crown Tundra DLC will be released tomorrow, October 22nd.