The New Mythical Pokemon is a Murderous Monkey

The newest Mythical Pokemon is a terrifying-looking monkey. Earlier today, the Pokemon Company [...]

The newest Mythical Pokemon is a terrifying-looking monkey. Earlier today, the Pokemon Company released a trailer showing off the brand new mythical Pokemon Zarude, the "Rogue Monkey." Not too much information was revealed about the Pokemon, other than that it was a Dark/Grass-type Pokemon with the Leaf Guard ability. However, this evil monkey has a long snout, wicked-looking fangs, wild red eyes, and from the looks of the trailer, a variety of powerful Grass-type attacks, and looks like it could be a major antagonist to other Pokemon. Per a summary provided by the Pokemon Company, Zarude can grow vines from its neck, wrists, and soles of its feet at will. It lives in a pack deep in the forests of Galar and will attack anything that's not part of its pack.

As expected, Zarude will be distributed to Pokemon Sword and Shield players later this year, although the Pokemon Company declined to say how players can get the Pokemon. Zarude will also have a major role in the upcoming movie Pokemon the Movie: Coco, which will be released in Japan later this year.

Unlike normal or even Legendary Pokemon, Mythical Pokemon can't be obtained through normal means in Pokemon games. They are typically distributed via codes or special events by the Pokemon Company, although exceptions are occasionally made. Because they can't be caught in Pokemon games, Mythical Pokemon are highly rare, especially as it can be years before the Pokemon Company releases a Mythical Pokemon again. Because of their rarity, players will want to make sure that they grab this Pokemon when it's eventually released.

The Pokemon Company is also celebrating Pokemon Day by naming the Pokemon of the Year, the worldwide release of Pokemon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION on Netflix, special Max Raid Battles in Pokemon Sword and Shield featuring Mewtwo and the Kanto Starters, and special Pokemon appearances in Pokemon Go. Keep tuned to for more information on all the big news coming out on Pokemon Day!