Pokemon Sword & Shield Has a New Devilish Pokemon

Pokemon Sword & Shield has a new Pokemon that was inspired by something that came straight from hell. E3 attendees have their first chance to play Pokemon Sword & Shield, a new pair of Pokemon games released for the Nintendo Switch. The playable demo features two new Pokemon - an adorable corgi-esque Pokemon named Yamper and a new Dark/Fairy-type Pokemon named Impidimp. With bright pink skin, pointed ears, and an exceptionally skinny body, it's clear that Impidimp was originally inspired by an imp, a mischievous mythological creature that is usually associated with devils or fairies.

You can see images of both new Pokemon below:

The British Isles has several myths and folk tales concerning imps, so it's not a surprise that an Imp Pokemon appears in the British-inspired Pokemon Sword & Shield. The English city of Lincoln has an imp as its unofficial symbol due to a small statue of an imp found inside the city's cathedral. Since imps can be associated with either the fey or with the minions of hell, it makes sense that the new Pokemon is a Dark/Fairy-type Pokemon, which pays homage to its devilish and whimsical origins.

While we don't know much about Impidimp, we do know that the Pokemon is the first ever Dark/Fairy-type Pokemon. Although it might not look like much, Impidimp has the potential to be very powerful. Its dual-typing means that its only weak against Steel-type, Fairy-type, and Poison-type attacks. Also, Impidimp is totally immune to Dragon-type and Psychic-type attacks and is resistant against Dark-type and Ghost-type moves.


We'll have more news about Impidimp, Yamper, and other new Pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield in the coming weeks.