Pokemon Sword and Shield Player Discovers New Feature Nobody Knew About

A Pokemon Sword and Shield player has discovered a secret new feature that seems most, if not all, of Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite users missed. It's not typical for players to discover new features for a game that's a year old, especially games that are so heavily dissected like new mainline Pokemon releases. Yet, this week, streamer and pixel artist "TAHK0" discovered a gameplay feature that many Sword and Shield players had no clue existed.

During a recent stream of the game, TAHK0 found himself waving the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons around when they noticed that their character was waving their arms around and cheering. At first, it was unclear if the two actions were related, but it turns out they indeed are.

As you can see in the video below, TAHK0 had no clue about this feature. Since the stream, the clip has made the rounds within the Pokemon community, revealing that most Pokemon fans also had no clue this feature existed.

Of course, when it comes to stories like this, you can always find a player or two claiming they knew about this feature, which may very well be the case, but it doesn't negate the fact that an overwhelming majority of players has no clue that if you shake your Joy-Cons, it can make your character cheer in-game. And this is pretty incredible; Pokemon fans are a meticulous bunch, and they don't often miss things like this.

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