Artist Reimagines Pokemon as Nightmarish Monsters

Pokemon are largely designed with children as their target audience. So, while they are monsters, they are a far cry from monsters of the nightmarish and horrific type. Mr. Mine is terrifying, but that's about it. That said, while Nintendo and Game Freak keep the designs light-hearted and kid-friendly, artist David Szilagyi has taken a 180 with the designs and transformed them into hellish monsters straight from the scariest horror game.

As David Szilagyi's ArtStation page notes, he is a concept artist and illustrator for video games and film based out of Pittsburgh that apparently has a knack for taking the cutest and most adorable Pokemon and turning them into the creepiest monsters you've ever seen.

This week, the artist's take on Tentacruel, Poliwhirl, Zubat, and Wigglytuff have been making the rounds over on Twitter, courtesy of Carnival of Horror, and for good reason: they are impressive transformations. Wigglytuff and Poliwhirl in particular are some of the most adorable Pokemon known to man, yet, Szilagyi has managed to transform them into ghastly little things.

If you're interested in ruining your mental images of some of the greatest Pokemon, be sure to check out Szilagyi's aforementioned ArtStation page by clicking right here. Of course, artists taking Pokemon and turning them into spine-chilling beasts isn't new, but this is certainly some of the best work in this department yet.

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