Pokemon Sword and Shield Launches New Limited Time Distribution Event

Pokemon Sword and Shield players on Nintendo Switch can obtain a special version of Torkoal thanks [...]

Pokemon Sword and Shield players on Nintendo Switch can obtain a special version of Torkoal thanks to a new event, but it will only be available for one day! Through July 19th, players can use a code to receive Torkoal through Mystery Gift. While Torkoal might seem like an unusual Pokemon for this type of event, there's a specific reason the Fire-type was selected: it was used to win the 2020 Decisive Battle tournament in Japan. The Pokemon was used by winner Kohei Sakurai, and boasts the exact same moveset: Burning Jealousy, Body Press, Yawn, and Protect. It will also be holding a Sitrus Berry.

To obtain this Pokemon, users must select "Get Mystery Gift" in the menu and choose "Get With Code/Password." The game will then prompt players to input the code, which is PJCS2020CHAMP. For those that have never received a Mystery Gift in Sword and Shield, the process is fairly easy. Once Torkoal has been added to the game, players can see for themselves why the Pokemon is helpful in the game's competitive scene!

Introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Torkoal lacks speed, which can make it tough to use competitively. However, Sakurai proved that the Pokemon can be used effectively, with the right moveset.

Pokemon Sword and Shield's competitive scene isn't for everyone; part of the game's appeal is that players can simply focus on the catching aspect, if they please. However, distribution events like this one can encourage players to learn more about developing strategies and finding ways to win, even if it means using a Pokemon that they might not have expected. With nearly 900 Pokemon available at this point, there are countless ways that players can customize their teams and find a way to win. Perhaps this Torkoal distribution event will inspire players to add the Pokemon to their team, or to develop their own strategies!

Pokemon Sword and Shield is available now, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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