Pokemon Teams With Snapchat So You Can Take Selfies With Pikachu

Pokemon and Snapchat have come together in an electrifying partnership that's introduced a new Pikachu filter for Pokemon-crazed Snapchatters.

News of the Pokemon-themed filter came today from an official announcement that showed off some of the fun ways to use the new filter. A description from the Pokemon website details some of the effects of the filter such as including the bright red spots that Pikachu is known for having on its cheeks as well as the iconic ears and electric attacks that Pikachu uses.

"Add the look of Pikachu when you take your next Snapchat selfie with a special Pokémon Lens!" the description from the Pokemon website reads. "Pikachu's ears, nose, and bright-red cheeks will appear over your smiling face when you use this Lens. Then, you can open your mouth to call on Pikachu to join you in the photo! If your device's sound is turned on, you'll hear Pikachu's iconic voice as it jumps onto the screen and strikes a pose. Snap the perfect portrait of you and the famous Pokémon to share!"

To demonstrate the shocking effects of the Snapchat filter, a tweet was also sent out through the official Pokemon Twitter account that revealed the news to followers while giving a look at the filter in action.

Judging from the responses the filter's preview got on Twitter in the post's replies, Pikachu fans seem to generally be excited about the news, but of course, there was a fair share of naysayers who don't want Snapchat anywhere near the beloved franchise. But if you're someone who already uses Snapchat and also loves all things Pokemon, it's hard to be upset at the chance to take a selfie with the most well-known Pokemon there is.


According to the Pikachu filter announcement that was issued through the Pokemon website, the Snapchat feature will only be available for a limited time, much like other special filters. There's no end date that's been given when it will be gone, so take advantage of the Pikachu filter while you can.