Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Gets an Update to Fix Bugs

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is getting a patch to fix several minor issues with the game.

Game Freak announced that a patch will be released later this month to fix some bugs and glitches in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The patch will mainly fix some glitches associated with specific moves, but it will also fix at least one problem that has caused a lot of complaints among the Pokemon fanbase.

Notably, the upcoming patch will fix a glitch that causes a Pokemon that knows less than four moves to automatically lose its first move when at the Move Tutor. If a Pokemon knows less than four moves, than the Move Tutor should stick the new move in an empty slot instead of erasing a move. This glitch caused plenty of headaches for Pokemon players, especially those that were using the Move Tutor to prepare their Pokemon for competitive play.

Another issue being fixed is Wide Guard protecting against Z-Moves. In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, players discovered that the move Wide Guard (which typically protects a team of Pokemon from taking damage due to a direct attack for a turn) also reduced damage from Z-Moves by 75%. While players assumed this was a new feature that would come in handy during competitve play, it turns out it was just a bug that wasn't supposed to exist.

Other bugs being fixed includes a fix to the move Ion Deluge, which didn't work in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and correcting a bug in which the game would freeze if a player selected Litten as their starter.


The patch will be available for free on the Nintendo eShop later this month.