Pokemon Unite Reveals Season 1 Battle Pass Details

Pokemon Unite has revealed details about its new Battle Pass system, which will contain a mix of [...]

Pokemon Unite has revealed details about its new Battle Pass system, which will contain a mix of free and premium rewards. Like many other live service games, the new MOBA-style game Pokemon Unite will have a Battle Pass. This system comes with a variety of rewards ranging from Holowear (costumes for Pokemon to wear in battle) to avatar clothing and items. In order to obtain the Battle Pass, players will need to reach Trainer Rank 7 by playing matches in the game. Once unlocked, players increase their Battle Pass rank by completing various Battle Pass missions and earning battle pass points over the course of a season. Like other Battle Pass systems, players only have a limited time to rank up their Battle Pass and obtain rewards, as the Battle Pass will periodically reset with new seasons and rewards. If a player completes their Battle Pass ranking to its maximum level, they'll also receive a Battle Pass Prize Box.

The first Battle Pass for Pokemon Unite is the "Season 1 First Half" battle pass and is available now through September 21st. The Battle Pass is highlighted by two premium items - the Hip-Hop Style Holowear for Pikachu and the Captain Style Holowear for Cinderace. These are currently only available as Battle Pass premium rewards and can't be obtained through individual purchases at this time. Players will get the Pikachu Holowear automatically when they purchase the premium battle pass and will obtain the Cinderace Holowear by reaching the maximum Battle Pass rank of 90.

Other items included in the battle pass include Item Enhancers, Aeos Tickets that can be used to purchase avatar clothing items, and item enhancers that can be used to boost the effectiveness of held items used by Pokemon in battles.

The "Season 1 First Half" Battle Pass can be purchased for 490 Gems. A Premium Pass Plus that automatically increases your Battle Pass rank by 10 costs 985 Gems. Please note that Gems are a premium currency that can only be obtained by spending real world currency.

Pokemon Unite is available to download for free on the Nintendo Switch now.