Pokemon Unite: How to Get Crustle for Free

Pokemon Unite players can get their hands on another free Pokemon, but only for a limited time. [...]

Pokemon Unite players can get their hands on another free Pokemon, but only for a limited time. The new MOBA-style game by The Pokemon Company and Tencent comes with a roster of 20 Pokemon, but players have to purchase most of these Pokemon using either real-world money or in-game currency obtained by playing matches. However, there are a limited number of Pokemon that players can get for free, including Crustle, a Defender with several intriguing moves. In order to get Crustle for free, players need to complete the Beginner Challenge, which consists of six sets of missions. A new set of missions is unlocked every day, with the reward for completing all six sets being the Dwebble Unite Licence.

Because Pokemon Unite has only been out for three days, we only know half of the missions needed to complete the Beginner Challenge. Luckily, most of the missions are pretty simple, and include things like "Complete the Tutorial" or "Score a total of 50 points." Each Day's worth of challenges also rewards players with a different Crustle-themed set of avatar clothing. Based on the first three days' worth of missions, players can also earn up to 10,000 Aeos Coins by completing the challenge, which is enough to unlock another Pokemon through the in-game store.

Other Pokemon currently available for free include Venusaur and Slowbro (available by reaching certain Trainer Ranks), as well as Greninja, Cinderace, and Alolan Ninetales (available as part of the 14-Day Welcome Gifts). Players can also obtain Zeraora and a starting Pokemon for free simply by logging into the game and completing the tutorial. In total, players can receive up to 8 of Pokemon Unite's current roster for free simply by logging in and completing missions.

The Beginner Challenge is only available for a limited time - the Challenge ends on August 20th, so you'll need to complete all the missions and claim the rewards before the 20th to get Crustle.

Pokemon Unite is available now as a free-to-download game on the Nintendo Switch. A mobile version of the game will be released later this year.