Pokemon Unite to Add Gardevoir as New Playable Pokemon

Pokemon Unite is adding its first new Pokemon to its roster. Tencent just announced that Gardevoir [...]

Pokemon Unite is adding its first new Pokemon to its roster. Tencent just announced that Gardevoir would be added to the game on Wednesday, July 28th. Gardevoir is classified as a Ranged Attacker and has ranged several AOE attacks that can hit multiple Pokemon at once. Gardevoir's moveset (which were previously datamined from the game's files) includes a passive ability that triggers whenever Gardevoir is hit with a movement speed decrease or damage-over-time condition by an opponent. That opponent suffers the same effects as those it just inflected on Gardevoir. Gardevoir's boosted basic attack not only deals AOE damage, it also decreases an opponent's Special Defense stat for a short period of time, making them more vulnerable to Gardevoir's other attacks.

One of Gardevoir's attacks also seems to have a barrier effect that could deflect at least some damage from opponent's attacks.

You can check out a first look at Gardevoir's abilities below:

While Pokemon Unite fans knew that Gardevoir was on the way, it's a bit surprising that Tencent decided to add Gardevoir before Blastoise, a popular Pokemon also confirmed as an upcoming addition. It's unclear whether Gardevoir is being added to balance out the metagame, or if Blastoise simply needs more tweaks before it can be added as a playable Pokemon. Gardevoir's addition increases the number of playable Pokemon to 21.

Pokemon Unite is a MOBA-style free-to-play game featuring 5v5 team battles. Players control a single Pokemon and level it up by defeating wild Pokemon and opponents. Players also collect Aeos Energy from wild Pokemon and try to score goals on their opponent's side. While the game is missing several features from traditional Pokemon games (such as type advantages), it's still a fun blend of MOBA-style tactics and classic Pokemon.

Pokemon Unite is available now as a free-to-download game for the Nintendo Switch. A mobile version will be released later this year.