Pokemon Unite Healing Trick Helps Players Heal Faster

Pokemon Unite players have discovered a new trick to heal up their Pokemon faster in the goal [...]

Pokemon Unite players have discovered a new trick to heal up their Pokemon faster in the goal zone. During any Pokemon Unite match, you'll likely need to retreat from the thick of battle to one of your team's goal zones in order to get some crucial healing. Choosing when to retreat and heal is a critical part of any Pokemon Unite match, particularly because you're ceding territory to your opponents or putting your teammates at a temporary disadvantage. Recently, players on Reddit have discovered a healing trick that will allow your Pokemon to heal faster and jump back into battle a bit faster.

According to this viral post on Reddit, circling in and out of a goal zone actually gives players a bit more healing than simply remaining stationary in the goal zone. The key is to trigger the shields turning on and off in the goal zone, which seems to reset the trigger to reset the goal's healing. This method seems to shave a second or two off the time needed to get your Pokemon back to full strength, which can make a big difference during a match.

Of course, different goals provide different amounts of healing as well. The furthermost goals provide players with 200 HP per healing cycle, the middle goal provides 400 HP per healing cycle, and the final goal gives 600 HP per healing cycle. Healing at a team's base provides the most healing, although you'll leave your lane totally unprotected if you retreat that far back. Players can also use Potions or berries to get a quick burst of healing as well.

Pokemon Unite's recent balance patch makes healing efficiency even more important, as Eldegoss received a major nerf to its healing abilities. As Eldegoss was the main Pokemon capable of healing teammates in the middle of a battle, players will need to figure out alternatives to healing while on the battlefield.

Pokemon Unite is available to download for free on the Nintendo Switch. Mobile versions of Pokemon Unite will be released later this year.