Pokemon Unite Update Brings New Battle Pass, In-Game Events, New Held Items

An upcoming update to Pokemon Unite will add several new features, including cross-platform play, in-game events, and new held items. Pokemon Unite will release a new balance patch later this week to coincide with the game's release on mobile devices. Tencent revealed that this update will include several new features to the game that will allow for increased strategies and new ways to enjoy the game. Along with confirmation that both versions of Pokemon Unite will support full cross-platform game, the new update will also add some limited Spectator Mode features.

Also included in the new update are new in-game events that will add super item enhancers. These enhancers can upgrade a held item all the way to Grade 30. Players will also be able to obtain item enhancers more easily throughout the game. 

Pokemon Unite will also add new held items to encourage different builds and new strategies. Currently, there are about a dozen held items that can either enhance stats or provide players with some sort of minor benefit. These held items can be upgraded with the aforementioned item enhancers, which have led some players to complain that the game provides too much of a benefit to players who pay for the Battle Pass or other means of upgrading their items.

A new Battle Pass will also be introduced with the new update, which comes with new cosmetic items like Holowear. Some of the Holowears come with special usual effects that players see during matches. Two of the new Holowears being added to the game include a Space Gengar and a fashionable Lucario.

Finally, players will finally be able to join Unite squads, which will serve as social hubs. Players in the same Unite squad will be able to team up with squadmates much more easier. This should help encourage some level of organized competitive play within the game. 


Pokemon Unite also announced they are developing a new mode of play designed to "level the playing field" for all players, regardless of the upgrade status of their held items. That won't be released in this balance patch, but will come in a future update. 

The new balance patch will be released on September 22nd.