PS5 Will Cost $800, Says Analyst In Wild Prediction

How much will the PlayStation 5 cost? Well, we don't know. Sony hasn't divulged any information [...]

How much will the PlayStation 5 cost? Well, we don't know. Sony hasn't divulged any information about the PS5's price. That said, well-known industry analyst Michael Pachter has suggested it could be expensive. Speaking to Geoff Keighley, Pachter joked that the console will cost $800, which is -- obviously -- an exaggeration, however, it lead to Pachter's actual point: he doesn't know how Sony will come in with a price-point between $300 and $400. Pachter argues that if you look at the system's specs there's no way it could come in the 300-400 range. Of course, Sony could eat a ton of costs up front in order to get in this range, but that could potentially be a lot to eat just to push units out the door.

That said, Pachter notes that if Sony does charge $600 or more, like it did with the PlayStation 3, it could be in serious trouble. Further, the analyst also says Sony skipping E3 is an error, though show data suggests otherwise.

Now, obviously, there's a bit of tongue-and-cheek here. Pachter doesn't actually think the system will cost $800. A few days later, he noted that the specs of the Xbox Scarlett and PS5 suggest they are in the ballpark of $500, maybe a bit higher. However, he expects both will eat some costs up front in order to get under $400.

Now, Sony itself has suggested the system's price will be appealing to gamers, but only in light of its impressive specs. In other words, it will be cheap for what's it packing, but it may not be as cheap as some are hoping.

Personally, I think neither Microsoft or Sony will surpass $500. More likely than not, the systems will cost $400 or maybe $450. Meanwhile, $350 or lower is certainly a stretch.

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