PS5 and Toilet Paper are Top "Where to Buy" Google Searches for 2020

Since its release last month, the PlayStation 5 has been just about impossible to find, but that hasn't stopped gamers from searching for it online. Google has published a list of its top trends for 2020, including the items that people searched "Where to Buy." Sony's latest console took home the top spot for the entire year, despite the fact that it's only been available for a few weeks now! In true 2020 fashion, the console beat out toilet paper, which was also quite difficult to find over the last year! Face masks made the list at number three, while Xbox Series X brought home the fourth spot, just above Hand Sanitizer.

It comes as little surprise to see PS5 make the top of the list. The system's popularity has resulted in long lines on Black Friday, and even a Saturday Night Live skit guest-starring Eminem. Demand is quite high at the moment, but that should taper off as Sony makes more units readily available. Resellers have been a big part of the problem, with consoles selling for double their MSRP or more on the secondary market. After the holiday season comes to an end, it stands to reason that demand might cool off, a bit. After all, this sort of thing is not unusual for most console launches.

In addition to the "Where to Buy" trend, Google also posted the most searched for games of 2020. The top five should come as little surprise, with Among Us, Fall Guys, Valorant, Genshin Impact, and Ghost of Tsushima making the list. Given how Among Us and Fall Guys have grown in popularity over the last few months, it certainly makes a lot of sense!

Regardless of what happens in 2021, it will be interesting to see whether or not the PS5 tops next year's Where to Buy list, as well! Those desperately searching for the console right now should keep in mind that Sony has big expectations for the system, hoping to ship 7.6 million units worldwide by March. In order to make that goal, they'll have to make the system easier to come by. Once that happens, fans can focus on finding other necessities, like toilet paper, instead.

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