PlayStation 5 Reportedly Aiming to Be Cheaper Than Xbox Series X

According to a new report, the Xbox Series X is aiming to be more powerful than the PlayStation 5 [...]

According to a new report, the Xbox Series X is aiming to be more powerful than the PlayStation 5 with more capable innards. And as a result, PlayStation is aiming and hoping to offer the cheaper of the two consoles. In other words, Xbox Series X is taking the power approach, while PlayStation is looking at the affordability approach. The report comes way of IGN Japan's editor-in-chief Shin Imai, who, during a recent livestream, made note of the aforementioned information.

"The Xbox Series X is doubtless aiming for much greater performance than the PS5. There are some differences in specs, and PS5 aims be cheaper than the Xbox Series X as a result," said the editor-in-chief, according to's translation.

Now, it's a little unclear how much of this is speculation versus information derived from sources and industry scuttlebutt. That said, it does line up with some previous reports, however, at the same time, it conflicts with others. Since E3 last year, there's been numerous reports and rumors claiming that the PS5 dev kit was more powerful than the Xbox Series X dev kit, which in turn suggests the consumer version of the PlayStation console will also be more powerful than the consumer version of the Xbox console. However, sprinkled between these reports has been some claims of the opposite.

While we've heard plenty of scuttlebutt about the power of each console, and how they relate to each other, we haven't heard nearly as much about the price of either piece of hardware, let alone that one is aiming to be cheaper than the other.

As you may know, the PS4 was cheaper than the Xbox One at launch, however, it didn't need to sacrifice performance to make this happen. Not only was the PS4 $100 cheaper, but it was more powerful, though not by much.

Anyway, as always, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt like any unofficial information. Thankfully, we should hear -- officially -- more about the price and power of both consoles in the coming months. In the meanwhile, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think. What's more important: price or power?