PlayStation 5 Release Window Possibly Revealed by Job Listing

A job listing on a Japanese recruitment site could have possibly revealed a more specific launch window for the upcoming PlayStation 5. "Could have possibly" here being qualifiers because while the job listing itself might have been legitimate, it appears that Sony Interactive Entertainment has already come out to say that this, in fact, is erroneous.

More specifically, the Japanese job listing appears to be for the SIE Materials Department and states that the job requires folks to work "with the Design Department and the Quality Assurance Department to create PlayStation 5, which will be released in October 2020." Previously, the PlayStation 5's release was officially announced as "Holiday 2020," which basically means anywhere around the end of the year. October would shift that considerably.

Unfortunately, it would appear that a Sony Interactive Entertainment representative already responded to a request for comment from Famitsu, stating that the new window is just an error on the part of the recruitment site and not actually part of the job's description. This sort of response, of course, isn't exactly surprising, and even if October 2020 were a legitimate new window, one would expect it to be denied until there is something more official from the company.

In terms of official information about the upcoming next-gen video game console, Sony has revealed the new controller -- the DualSense -- as well as the full technical specs. The design of the controller has changed around a bit, with the light bar taking a new position, and it also comes with haptic feedback to provide a more immersive sense of touch and feel to the controller's trigger. As previously mentioned, the PlayStation 5 is officially set to release Holiday 2020. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the upcoming console right here.

What do you think? Is October 2020 really going to be the the launch window for the PS5? Let us know in the comments, or hit me up directly on Twitter at @rollinbishop to talk all things gaming!

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