PS5 Restock Happening Through Sony Later This Week

Sony has started to inform those that are still on the hunt for a PlayStation 5 that it will be [...]

Sony has started to inform those that are still on the hunt for a PlayStation 5 that it will be having a restock of the next-gen console in just a few short days. This forthcoming release of the PS5 seemingly won't be available for everyone to take part in and will be exclusive to those who have received specific invitations via emails. Luckily, PS5 consoles for all parties should become available once the invite-only portion of the sale comes to an end.

Sony began sending emails out to select customers earlier today letting them know that this latest PS5 restock is set to transpire on Wednesday, June 23. Much like other emails of this type that Sony has sent out in the past, the email itself contains a link that users can click to access the sale once it begins. The sale itself will allow those who have been chosen to either purchase a Standard or Digital Edition of the PS5, in addition to other products such as various video games or additional DualSense controllers.

What's bizarre about this restock in particular is that Sony seems to be sending invites out to those who may have already been invited in the past. Typically, Sony doesn't seem to send out duplicate invites in this manner and often only makes this offer available to those who haven't bought through the company in the past. However, for one reason or another, this restock seems to be different.

The only positive thing about this restock is that typically, once this sale period for invitees ends, Sony opens a queue to the general public as well, giving many other customers the chance to snag a PS5 as well. While Sony hasn't announced such a queue through its PlayStation Direct service just yet, the virtual line will likely begin to form on Wednesday at 5pm EST.

Are you someone who happened to receive one of these PS5 purchasing invites? Or are you still on the hunt for one of Sony's next-gen consoles? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12 to share your thoughts.