PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Are A "Major Leap," Says Ubisoft

PlayStation and Xbox haven't divulged much about their respective consoles, the PS5 and Xbox [...]

PlayStation and Xbox haven't divulged much about their respective consoles, the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett; however, there's an expectation that they are "more of the same," which is to say more powerful but not innovative. And this is probably true, or at least it seems to be the case. That said, Ubisoft's Executive Director for EMEA territories Alain Corre is excited for the next-gen systems, which he believes represent a "major leap."

"I don't know! I really don't know," said Corre when asked about whether the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will be the last home consoles by Telegraph. "We don't know what the fans will want, we don't know how streaming will increase… what we do know is that the next generation of consoles which have been announced are a really major leap from the current generation, and for us creators, it is fantastic because we have always been very excited in trying to capture the cutting edge of what technology can offer."

Corre continued by talking about the appeal of the next-gen systems to both players and developers:

"Developers want to surprise all the time, to innovate – and technology allows us to go into unknown territories and to bring something fresh. Like in Watch Dogs for example. Thanks to the AI that they are mastering now we are able to bring new gameplay. And if the manufactures of this world can go on innovating and pushing the boundaries of technologies, then we will be able to create better games and convince more fans and the industry will go on growing.

"The new technologies will provide new ways for fans to exchange data. And there are plenty of other new elements to improve the quality of gaming. Microsoft spoke about SSD and the fact they want to reduce the loading times – which we like very much because we're players too! It's a very important topic and it's a revolution, this thing. On the graphics side, it's still improving because you will see a difference from 4K to 8K. There are things they are proposing that will make these machines super sexy for the fans to look forward to."

As you can see, Corre more or less suggests that despite a lack of innovation, simply the refinement in technology will be enough to radically improve games, which in turn will be appealing to gamers.

People often disparage graphical improvements as not that important, but the market says otherwise. Meanwhile, the increase in power and features will coincide nicely with the progress made in fields like AI. In other words, PlayStation and Xbox don't have to reinvent the wheel, they just need to provide a nice template for developers to work with. We may not get innovation in the way we play games, but surely we will see games themselves evolve.

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