PUBG Gets a Death Race Mode

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is testing a new type of experience this week through the game’s [...]

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is testing a new type of experience this week through the game's PUBG Labs mode. This mode that's aptly dubbed the "Racing Mode," for now, tasks players with racing across Miramar to see who can finish the course first. In true PUBG fashion, players are able to use their equipped weapons to shoot at other competitors and improve their chances of crossing the finish line first to give the game a Mario Kart-like twist.

The PUBG mode was first revealed towards the end of May whenever Krafton introduced players to the Racing Mode, but the test where players can try it out didn't start until recently. The Racing Mode is live through PUBG Labs from now until June 7th on PC with another test swapping out Squads for Solos immediately after until June 14th. For those on consoles, you'll have to wait until June 10th for your chance to play.

Racing Mode takes place only on Miramar and in the third-person perspective. Players have a couple of different vehicles to choose from with a unique set of rules governing how the races will work.

The full notes for the Racing Mode test can be seen below to better explain the process of the races, but they're pretty straightforward experiences.

Race Preparation

  • Select your vehicle at race start.
    • Available Vehicles: Motorcycle, Buggy, Coupe RB, Dirt Bike, Mirado.
    • Each vehicle comes equipped with a set of different weapons.
    • Use the F8 key (Console: D-Pad down) to toggle the vehicle selection UI and change vehicles.
      • Upon respawning, your selected vehicle will be spawned.

Race Start

  • Players are spawned in their vehicle as the race countdown begins.
  • You won't be able to move or attack other players until the race starts.
  • Once the match starts, destroy anything in your path!
    • At match start players are invincible for 10 seconds and 5 seconds after each respawn to prevent the frustration of being spawn killed.


  • Racing Mode takes place at one of the two tracks shown [here].
  • Both tracks are 1-way, with a static start and finish line.


  • Checkpoints serve as respawn points and you must drive through them to progress in the race.
  • Going off-track for too long engages an out of bounds timer and when the countdown hits zero, you will be respawned near the latest checkpoint you've passed.

Boost Crates

  • Drive through red crates to collect boosts.
    • Boost crates respawn a short time after being collected.
  • Boosts can be engaged with the shift key.
    • Using a boost brings you to FULL-SPEED. Send it!
    • When killed, you will respawn with your boost gauge set to max.
  • Motorcycles and Dirt Bikes are unable to use boosts.
    • This is for balance gameplay balance reasons.

Ammo Crates

  • Drive through blue crates to collect ammo.
  • Crates provide a small amount of ammo for your equipped weapon.
  • Ammo crates respawn a short time after being collected.

Race Completion

  • The first player that crosses the finish line grabs the checkered flag and wins the race for their squad!
  • 60 seconds after the winner crosses the finish line, the match will end.