New PUBG Mobile Update Gives Players Superpowers

PUBG Mobile is looking a bit different this week with the release of the game’s latest update [...]

PUBG Mobile is looking a bit different this week with the release of the game's latest update that's given players the chance to channel superpowers against their enemies. These special abilities are called "Runic Powers," and they're part of a larger update that foreshadows an entire season themed around these powers. That season is set to start on January 19th, but you can try out the special powers in the game right now with the Version 1.2 content update currently available to download.

Players have three different Runic Powers at their disposal when trying out the new PUBG Mobile update: The Flame Rune, Artic Rune, and Wind Rune. Each of them has a different purpose on the battlefield, but you can only have one at a time.

The PUBG Mobile devs said players will find these after queuing up for "a unique version of Erangel" that's been invaded by this otherworldly, runic energy. Every rune comes with both a summon and a boost skill which can be reobtained on the battlefield by looting across Erangel.

An overview of each of the runes and their powers can be found below courtesy of the PUBG Mobile creators:

PUBG Mobile's Runic Powers

  • Flame Rune – Players can summon a wheel of flame that rolls slowly forwards, dealing burn damage to afflicted players. An additional boost skill adds a burning enhancement to ammo for a brief period
  • Arctic Rune – In addition to the boost skill that adds a freezing enhancement to ammo, reducing healing effectiveness, players with this skill can summon a 3x3 grid of ice wall for mid-battle protection
  • Wind Rune – This skill summons a semi-transparent shield of wind that reduces bullet damage from weapons shot outside of it. The boost skill increases player movement speed and reduces reload time for a short time

PUBG Mobile's Version 1.2 update with the new Runic Power abilities is now available for all players to download.