PUBG Now Has a New Ping System

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players will now have a much easier time talking to one another thanks to the introduction of a new ping system that the developers refer to as "Radio Messages." These pings consist of the usual messages that tell others when an enemy has been spotted, whether someone needs help or supplies, and other basic commands and notifications. The feature makes talking to those with no voice comms a much simpler process, and it's now in the game as part of the PC platform's Update #30.

It's a system not unlike the one Apex Legends started with and the one that Fortnite got later on, so it's not too surprising that PUBG would get a similar feature. Radio Messages are used in PUBG by either holding down the mouse wheel or selecting F3, and there are several different pings that you can choose from within the menu.

"Playing with players from different regions in random Duo or Squad matches or players with no access to voice chat have made it difficult to establish team-based strategy through close communication between team members," the patch notes read. "To help solve this problem, we are introducing text-based Radio Messages that will help you communicate with your team more quickly and easily for successful strategic gameplay."

To see everything that the Radio Messages consist of, you can visit the patch notes through the link above. Players can ping objects like Care Packages or direct their teammates' movements, and some of the pings also change their message depending on how far away the target of the ping is. Just like you can in Apex Legends, you can ping that you need ammo which will trigger a message that differs depending on what kind of weapon you have equipped at the time.

This same update also adds a new ledge grabbing feature, another development of PUBG's growing mobility mechanics. After spending some time on the test servers for players to try out, this feature is now live in the PC version of the game to allow players to get up to areas that were previously inaccessible to them.

PUBG's Update #30 with its ping system, ledge grabs, and more is now live on the PC platform.