Rainbow Six Siege Extends New Limited-Time Headshot Mode

Rainbow Six Siege introduced a new mode recently that’s best suited for those who can land [...]

Rainbow Six Siege introduced a new mode recently that's best suited for those who can land headshots with ease, or at least those who can spray enough until they hit a lucky shot. The Arcade mode that's live now is aptly called "Headshot," and it removes all other sources of damage besides that which comes from landing a headshot on an opponent. The new mode was only supposed to be live for a short while after it was added on July 15th but has since been extended to run for a slightly longer duration until July 20th.

Ubisoft announced the addition of the Arcade mode this week with a breakdown of how it'll work. It really is as simple as just targeting opposing Operators' heads, but there were of course some other adjustments that had to be made besides removing damage from body shots to make everything work well.

Those changes include limiting the mode to just a handful of maps. Kafe Dostoyevsky, House, Border and Favela, are the only four arenas that are available, and players similarly only have access to certain gadgets depending on which side you're on. The Attackers use Stun Grenades and Breach Charges while the Defenders have access to Barbed Wire and Bulletproof Cameras. There's also no Preparation Phase nor can player reinforce structures, so it really is almost entirely about accurate shots in this mode.

"With the Preparation Phase and Reinforcements removed, it's a game of pure skill," Ubisoft said about the new game mode. "Headshots only means there is no DBNO state, and no second chances. It's the perfect opportunity to brush up on your crosshair placement, peeking, recoil control and everything that helps you win those one versus ones!"

In case those who play this mode were concerned about being labeled as cheaters by the game's anti-cheat systems after they inflate their headshot count since that's all you can hit in this mode, Ubisoft said that won't be the case. That's an expected outcome, but it's at least nice to know it's not something to be worried about.

Rainbow Six Siege's Headshot mode will be live until July 20th.