New 'Rainbow Six Siege' Map Has a Rabbids Easter Egg

Rainbow Six Siege players have discovered an unlikely Easter egg that’s hidden away in the [...]

Rainbow Six Siege players have discovered an unlikely Easter egg that's hidden away in the game's newest map, one that pertains to another property Ubisoft is known for. By heading to the right spot in Outback, the new map that was added alongside two Australian Operators, players can find a reference to the Rabbids tucked away behind a log that reveals the wild rabbits once it's shot. The Easter egg itself isn't exactly easy to find, but players have fortunately captured it in videos like the one below that shows where to locate the Rabbids.

Rabbids and the world of Rainbow 6 might not be a crossover that one would expect to see occur, but Ubisoft's done just that. Rainbow Six Siege is a more serious shooter as far as the FPS genre goes with every game playing out like a Search and Destroy mission, but that doesn't mean it can't include a homage to the Rabbids franchise.

Ubisoft's video above shows where players can locate the Rabbids that are painted onto the inside of a log in the Outback map, though you'll be disappointed if you're expecting to hear that sound effect when you find it yourself. It's a jarring exclamation that's associated with the Rabbids, but Ubisoft only added the sound effect in for the purpose of this video. If you head to the source from a player on Reddit who spread the news of the Easter egg, there's no sound effect to be heard. What you will see though is a longer video that shows you how to get to the Easter egg location if you want to uncover the Rabbids yourself.

Other Easter eggs are also reportedly found throughout the map such as references to Ubisoft's Trials racing franchise. Players within the Reddit post commented to say bikes racing outside of the map and a sign next to the track point to the series.

Ubisoft has dipped into the shared universe idea before with images that indicated the Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs games were part of the same universe.