Next Rainbow Six Siege Operation Announced, Full Reveal Coming Soon

Rainbow Six Siege's next Operation has been announced with a full reveal planned just under two weeks from now. Ubisoft confirmed on Saturday that this next chapter of Rainbow Six Siege content will be called "Operation Vector Glare" and will be fully revealed on May 22nd. This reveal coincides with the Six Charlotte Major which is scheduled to have its big finale on May 22nd, so while it wasn't specified in the announcement from Saturday, we presume the Operation will be revealed during that Six Major since these unveilings are typically tied to esports events.

The first official teaser for Operation Vector Glare can be seen below courtesy of the Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account. As always, players can perhaps piece together a few clues about the next Operation from what's shown there. That character is likely going to be the next Operator while a weapon lying on the table perhaps hints at what they'll use. The blueprint under that weapon is almost certainly meant to be the layout of the map that'll arrive in the next Operation, too.

Looking back at the 2022 roadmap for Siege released in February, we see that this next Operation is supposed to get a new Operator, another Team Deathmatch map, an event, and another arcade mode as well as other features like a Shooting Range where players can practice their shots. As is the case with any of these new Operations released seasonally, players will get a new battle pass to work through, too.

That's what we officially know about the next Operation, but unofficially, plenty of leaks have already been shared within the past few months to spoil the surprises. One of those leaks said an Operator was coming who would be from Belgium like the roadmap said and would be named "Sens." Another leak detailed the Operator's full loadout including their special gadget seen here which supposedly shoots out a line of smoke similar to Viper's Toxic Screen ability from Valorant, for those familiar, though it's unclear if this ability has any damaging effect.  Yet another leak shown below presented an image of an Operator who sure looks a lot like the one pictured here in the official teaser.

Y7S2 Op from R6Leaks

All will be revealed on May 22nd, so tune in then to see what's planned for Operation Vector Glare.