Rainbow Six Siege Reveals New Yakuza Collab

Ubisoft's popular multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege is gearing up to crossover with Sega's popular action RPG series Yakuza. In the past, Siege has collaborated with a number of different properties including Rick and Morty, Splinter Cell, and a handful of others. Now, Sega and Ubisoft are teaming up to bring a couple of iconic Yakuza characters into Siege for the first time ever. 

As of this week on May 24th, two new character skins for the Rainbow Six Siege Operators Echo and Hibana will be coming to the game. Echo's skin will see him donning the same attire and hairstyle as Kazuma Kiryu, who is the longtime protagonist of the Yakuza series. Hibana will then have a skin that resembles Kaoru Sayama, who is a side character within Yakuza that largely only appeared in the first two mainline installments. Seeing both of these characters appear in Rainbow Six Siege is definitely cool, although it's certainly a bit jarring. For the most part, Yakuza is a series of games where players beat up opponents with their fists. To see both Kiryu and Sayama wielding assault rifles in Siege is pretty unusual. 

While these are the two skins that Ubisoft is adding to Rainbow Six Siege right now, it looks like another Yakuza collab is on the horizon. At the conclusion of the new trailer that revealed these upcoming skins, it was teased that Echo will be receiving another elite skin in the future based on another Yakuza character. This character in question is definitely that of Goro Majima, who is one of the most recognizable faces tied to Yakuza. Alongside Kiryu, Majima is likely the most notable character in the entirety of the Yakuza saga. To see that he'll also be making his way into Siege at some point shouldn't come as a shock. 

Do you have any interest in grabbing these Yakuza skins for yourself in Rainbow Six Siege? And if you're not someone who already plays the game routinely, are these skins going to encourage you to give Siege a shot? Let me know either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.