Ubisoft Sues Apple and Google Over Rainbow Six Siege Clone

Ubisoft is suing both Apple and Google over an alleged clone of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, [...]

Ubisoft is suing both Apple and Google over an alleged clone of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, the former's popular online tactical shooter, that both companies reportedly failed to remove from their respective storefronts. The clone in question is Area F2, from developer Alibaba Group Holdings. According to an official complaint filed this week in a U.S. federal court, the game is a "near carbon copy" of the 2015 Ubisoft shooter.

Ubisoft notes that Rainbow Six Siege is a very valuable asset for the company, with over 55 million players to date, 3 million of which play at least every day. Beyond this, the game has evolved into a bonafide esport.

"R6S is among the most popular competitive multiplayer games in the world, and is among Ubisoft's most valuable intellectual properties," said the French games maker. "Virtually every aspect of AF2 is copied from R6S, from the operator selection screen to the final scoring screen, and everything in between."

Ubisoft continued:

"Ubisoft's competitors are constantly looking for ways to piggyback on R6S's popularity and to capture the attention, and money, of R6S players."

The French company noted that it has notified Apple and Google of the infringements, but both companies allegedly refused to remove the game from either of their respective stores. And this prompted the suit.

At the moment of publishing, Apple, Google, and Alibaba Group Holdings have not commented on the lawsuit, which could very well get settled very quickly now that lawyers are involved, or at the very least that's what usually happens when a problem is escalated all the way to the courts.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Further, it's currently scheduled to arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series X later this year.

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H/T, Bloomberg.