Rainbow Six Siege Trailer Reveals First Look at New Operators

Ubisoft is prepping players for another Rainbow Six Siege Operation with a new teaser trailer [...]

Ubisoft is prepping players for another Rainbow Six Siege Operation with a new teaser trailer shared this week to show off the first official look at the game's next Operators. Those characters are an Attacker named Ace and a Defender named Melusi, and while we don't know everything about what they'll be able to do in the game, we know what they'll look like and have some ideas about their playstyles. The full reveal of the Operators to detail their kits is planned for May 18th, Ubisoft said, a date when we'll get our first full look at the plans for Operation Steel Wave.

The trailer above was shared by Ubisoft this week to give players an idea of what to expect from the two new Operators. Melusi, the Defender, was shown in a tree talking about how true predators only strike out of necessity while Ace, the Attacker, was infiltrating a building and saying that there was no structure he couldn't get through if he wanted to get at someone.

As for what these characters can actually do in-game, people aren't so sure yet. Leaks have tried to figure out the answer – the trailer itself was leaked before it was supposed to be revealed, after all – but it's unknown what the Operators can do until Ubisoft reveals all the details.

Some of the theories suggest that Ace will be a hard-breacher and will be able to penetrate through any type of surface to get to his target, even ones that other characters can't currently break through. The rubble around Ace in his part of the trailer certainly suggests as much, and the fact that he's coming down from the ceiling has led some to believe he'll be able to get through beams in the floor. Some have suggested that Melusi might have some sound-based ability, but it's not as easy to see what she's all about compared to Ace.

The full reveal of the Operators and the plans for Operation Steel Wave is coming on Monday, so expect to see more on the characters' unique gadgets and the rest of their loadouts then.