Rare League Of Legends Icons Available For A Limited Time

If you're looking to add to your ever-growing collection of player icons in League of Legends, [...]

(Photo: Riot Games)

If you're looking to add to your ever-growing collection of player icons in League of Legends, there's now a chance to expand your portfolio of unique icons even further. As of Thursday, a selection of rare icons will be available in the client's store.

As always, these icons will only be available for purchase with RP as opposed to IP. The price for each individual icon comes in at just 250 RP, and when you see how adorable some of the icons are within the limited sale, the paying RP for these icons really doesn't seem like a bad deal at all.

The first two icons pictured that will be on sale are the Rift Duck and the Rift Frog, icons that caused a great deal of confusion within the comment section of the icon sale announcement. Both of these icons were released when Summoner's Rift underwent its big visual update. Though they were for limited-time events in other regions, many players wanted them to be available worldwide. There's been several posts in recent years since their limited release where players inquired how they could get their hands on the cute little animals to add to their collection, and this most recent sale finally gives them that chance.

Some of the other icons that are available include the Soy Lolero icon that was previously released to commemorate the third anniversary of the LAN-LAS server. The Sakura icon and the Sakura Poro icon are also in the store at this time, both of which were created this year for the Japanese tradition and festival known as Hanami.

Rounding out the list of available icons is the most recent of the list, the Astronaut Teemo and the Bardnik icons. The Teemo icon features the champ in one of his most iconic skins to date, still saluting and following the Scout's Code even while in space. The Bardnik icon takes The Wandering Caretaker's face and slaps it on a satellite that's shooting off into space. Both of these space-themed icons were released this year to celebrate Russia's annual Cosmonautics Day.

If you're feeling generous, the option to Mystery Gift icons to friends is available during the sale too, but you can always just Mystery Gift an icon to yourself. The sale is set to run from now until June 1.