Steven Spielberg Narrates New Ready Player One Trailer

A new trailer for Ready Player One has released, shortly after the debut of a teaser that included [...]

A new trailer for Ready Player One has released, shortly after the debut of a teaser that included a QR code leading to the video. With a focus on the legacy of Steven Spielberg's greatest films, the trailer begins with Ernest Cline's voice over clips from Back to the Future, Jurassic Park Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T., and much more. If you didn't want to go looking for that tedious little QR code, you can watch the full 3-minute trailer below.

"I could not have written Ready Player One if I didn't grow up on a steady diet of Spielberg movies," begins author Ernest Cline. "It would ahve been a different story, or I might not have written it at all. His work is woven into the fabric of my life. Everybody, I think, who dreams of making movies dreams of getting to work with him. It's a dream come true."

The trailer then calls back to Steven Spielberg's appearance at Comic-Con, where the movie was officially introduced to the masses. "When I read Ready Player One, it was the most amazing flash-forward and flashback of all time." Spielberg and Cline cut in throughout the trailer as Wade Watts begins to tell his story, explaining the ever-changing landscape around him and alluding to the beginning of OASIS, an escape for people of all kinds in a world that is all-too-depressing in real life.

The two then start talking about the process of creating the movie, and how they learned ot work together. "I was very careful with Ernie collaborating with me every step of the way to be able to find the movie narrative inside this dense forest of Ernie's profound imagination," Spielberg explains. Cline follows up to explain the world of OASIS, comparing it to a giant toybox with all the toys in the world, and where possibilities exist as far as the eye can see."

"Ernest Cline is such a visionary and I think has seent he future before any of us could have possibly even imagined it," Spielberg says, likely giving Cline one of the greatest compliments a film fan-turned-creator could receive, ever.

Ready Player One escapes into theaters on March 30th.