Red Dead Online: Frontier Pursuits Update Now Live

Today, the new Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits update went live on PS4 and Xbox One, adding a [...]

Today, the new Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits update went live on PS4 and Xbox One, adding a ton of content to the popular open-world western. Most notably, the update adds three new roles for players to take on, Bounty Hunter, Trader, and Collector. Obviously as a Bounty Hunter, you're chasing down bad guys who will probably try and kill you. Meanwhile, as a Trader you'll partner with Cripps and turn your camp into a bustling business. And then there's Collector, who spends far too much time reading confusing maps and getting lost while on the hunt for one-of-a-kind items and valuables.

That's just the highlight of the update. As mentioned above, this is a pretty meaty update with a wide range of new features and gameplay changes that Rockstar Games claims will go a long way in enhancing the overall experience of Red Dead Online. For example, Rockstar outlines the following:

  • New items, weapons, clothing and horse-drawn vehicles
  • Directional damage indicators to display where your character is hit from
  • Additional horse breeds
  • The ability to change your character's appearance without resetting progress
  • Expanded custom outfit slots
  • The ability to name saved outfits
  • Role-specific Free Roam Events
  • Increased selling prices for looted Jewelry
  • Increased movement and animations speeds for more responsive combat (including aiming, cocking and reloading), faster looting and more
  • Additional game balancing and improvements

While this rundown provides a good glimpse at what's in the update, it's far from exhaustive. If you're looking for exhaustive, then here are the full update notes. Meanwhile, also going live is the new battle pass for the game, which comes in both a free and premium version. If it's more details and information of this that you're after, then here's your link.

Red Dead Online is available for free via the PS4 and Xbox One for all owners of Red Dead Redemption 2. It's not available for individual download or purchase. For more media and information on the new Frontier Pursuits update, click here.

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