Red Dead Online Update Gives Players Free XP and More Rewards

Red Dead Online’s latest weekly update caters again towards the Bounty Hunter Role, but it’s [...]

Red Dead Online's latest weekly update caters again towards the Bounty Hunter Role, but it's still got something for everyone else whether you take part in pursuing bounties or not. The update helps players finish out what they lack from the current Outlaw Pass with some free XP and also gives out additional rewards, some of which are limited to Bounty Hunters while others are available to all players regardless of their Role preferences.

As anyone who's been working through the Outlaw Pass No. 4 will know, that pass has just one week to go before it ends and another set of rewards is released. To help those who still have a few rewards to earn from the pass, Rockstar Games said it's giving players 5,000 XP for free and that those who have the pass will also get a free Treasure Map so they can pursue more riches.

For the Bounty Hunters, you're getting some exclusive XP as well. All who've taken on the Bounty Hunter Role will get 2,000 Role XP for doing nothing other than playing, and all Bounties will give out twice the Role XP. Bounty Hunters will also get a free offer for 30% off an Established or Distinguished Bounty Hunter Item.

Bounty Hunters who are up for bigger challenges can pursue more involved Bounties for even better rewards. Completing Legendary Bounties will net players twice the Ability Card XP, too. The same bonuses apply to the Infamous Bounties which should help those who are after their Prestigious Bounty License. Those three-part missions are more involved than their quicker counterparts, so Bounty Hunters would be advised to plan their actions wisely since you only have a week to take advantage of all of these rewards.

One final reward planned for the Legendary Bounties will ensure players are fully stocked for their next assignment.

"Whether you gun these criminals down or apprehend them alive is up to you, but either way: in addition to the cash reward, turning in any Legendary Bounty will land you a gift of 25 Poison Throwing Knives and 100 rounds of Express Rifle Ammo," Rockstar Games said.

If you're not into the Outlaw Pass nor are you interested in Bounties, you can at least look forward to the free Ability Card being given to all players this week.