Red Dead Online Players Can Get Free Loot for a Limited Time

Red Dead Online players who’ve got certain subscriptions active can get some free loot added to [...]

Red Dead Online players who've got certain subscriptions active can get some free loot added to their accounts throughout the rest of the month alongside with a bonus that's live for everyone until June. The new and ongoing offers are part of the routine Twitch Prime and PlayStation Plus bonuses players get that give them more resources for the online component of Red Dead Redemption 2. Some of them last longer than others, so players will want to make sure to get everything they need from the deals before they expire.

To get all the free content for this month, you may have to sign up for a subscription service or two depending on if you're a PlayStation Plus and Amazon Prime subscriber or not. If you are, getting everything Rockstar is offering this month is as simple as connecting your accounts and reaping the benefits of staying subscribed to services you were probably already going to be subscribed to.

Below is an overview of everything you can get for free in Red Dead Online from now into June starting with something that's free for everyone regardless of what platform you're playing on.

Persistent Posse

Red Dead Online players can easily form Temporary Posses to gather their friends or players they've connected with into a group to play together, but that type of posse isn't as useful as a Persistent Posse. That type sticks around for good so long as the party leader is in the game and offers numerous bonuses to those who are a part of it.

Setting up one of these Persistent Posses typically costs players a fee, but from now until June 8th, Rockstar said it's waved the cost of this. Those posses will stick around even after the fees are reinstated, so be sure to form yours while it's free.

Twitch Prime

If you've got a Twitch Prime subscription, you can easily get some free loot this month in Red Dead Online. Simply link your accounts if you haven't already and you'll get the following:

  • The Polished Copper Still Upgrade for your Moonshine property
  • Benefits Award for Five Ranks of Moonshiner Role XP
  • The Collector's Bag
  • GTA$ 1,000,000
  • Free access to Pixel Pete's Arcade property in GTA Online
  • GTA$250,000 sign-up bonus

PlayStation Plus

The last bonus is reserved for those who have a PlayStation Plus subscription which is easy for many Red Dead Online players to acquire since you have to have that anyway to play the game on the PlayStation 4. All you have to do is play the game some time between now and June 1st and you'll get the following:

  • 5 Special Lake Lure
  • 5 Special Swamp Lure
  • 5 Special River Lure
  • Treasure Map of the North Clingman area

Red Dead Online frequently offers players in-game loot and bonuses in Grand Theft Auto Online depending on what you're subscribed to and what you're playing on, so look for more of these deals in the future.