Red Dead Redemption 2 Video Shows What Happens When You Interrupt a Duel

Whether you’re fighting someone in a makeshift Dark Souls fight club or 1v1ing someone in For [...]

Whether you're fighting someone in a makeshift Dark Souls fight club or 1v1ing someone in For Honor, there's a certain level of etiquette you'd hope the other players would uphold. Those unofficial rules often include no interfering with a battle between two people, and reactions come swiftly if these rules are broken. Thankfully, there are honorable people who uphold these rules of combat in Red Dead Online and show other people what happens when they try to interrupt a duel.

The video below was shared on the Red Dead Redemption subreddit by a user named StealthShinobi who was engaged in fisticuffs with another player. The two were battling it out without any weapons when a third party came swooping in for a gank. After the main opponent got knocked down, the two original fighters decided they were having none of this third-party interruption and turned their attention to the unwanted combatant. The player's cleaver was no math for four fists of fury.

Never interrupt a brawl! from r/reddeadredemption

The two went back to fighting after dispatching their cleaver-wielding assailant which adds to the authenticity and makes us want to believe the whole thing wasn't staged. StealthShinobi responded later in the Reddit thread to say they emerged victorious from the continuation of the fight.

Brawls like this one are all throughout Red Dead Online and probably always will be, so let the clip from the player serve as a lesson for anyone who thinks interrupting an honorable duel between two players is a good idea.

Aside from these normal mechanics and features like PvP scuffles, Red Dead Online has been getting a steady stream of new content each week through things like weekly bonuses, store rotations, and more. Part of that content now includes Legendary Bounties, the challenges that task players with going after some of the most dangerous of enemies in hopes of taking them down for sizable rewards.

"Alcazar is the de facto leader of the bloodthirsty Del Lobos gang, rumored to be hiding out somewhere in New Austin," Rockstar said about Barbarella Alcazar, the first of the Legendary Bounties that will be available periodically. "The dangerous widow of infamous killer Ricardo Alcazar is wanted for thievery, extortion and murder. Bring Alcazar in by September 23rd – deliver her alive to command a handsome sum or receive a slightly reduced return if she meets an untimely demise during the pursuit."

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