Report: Tekken 7's DLC May Have Been Revealed

Tekken 7 has finally arrived after months of waiting, enabling millions of fans to get back into [...]


Tekken 7 has finally arrived after months of waiting, enabling millions of fans to get back into the fight with a wide open roster of fighters. But there's a good chance that the party isn't over yet, as apparently Bandai Namco Games has an elaborate downloadable content plan for the game.

This Reddit thread has managed to break down 17 downloadable content files for the game, and based on descriptions, we'll be getting some new fighters on the roster, along with a beloved mode that's been a favorite since Tekken Tag Tournament – Tekken Bowl!

According to the files, at least two new fighters will be introduced, with one possibly being a gauge mechanic, with a meter system similar to that of Eliza and Akuma. Could we be looking at another Street Fighter contestant? Only time will tell, as Bandai Namco could introduce who's coming to the game as soon as next week at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

In addition, various swimsuit costumes will be introduced for characters down the road, along with the possibility of Idolmaster cosplay and maybe even school uniforms. It's worth noting that all of these are already available in the arcade version, so it's a bit odd that players may need to pay for it in the home version. (This isn't confirmed just yet.)

Tekken Bowl is the big mode here, which will apparently be offered as a premium piece of downloadable content. In the mode, you can play with a variety of characters as they attempt to knock down pins, which are actually Heihachi trophies. It's unknown just how many characters are playable, but, again, we could know more as soon as a few days from now.

There's also PS4 exclusive content that's being hinted at, but it wasn't listed in the thread just yet. We'll possibly see details from that at the PlayStation press conference, which is happening next Monday evening. We'll let you know what we find out once it happens.

If this is the case – and this DLC listing turns out to be true – Tekken 7 fans have a lot more to look forward to than expected.

Tekken 7 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.