Report: Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Amiibos Could Be Coming Soon

Ubisoft is probably set to (officially) reveal Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for the Nintendo [...]

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Ubisoft is probably set to (officially) reveal Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for the Nintendo Switch during its pre-E3 press conference next week, where it's also likely to showcase other hit titles like Far Cry 5 and Assassin's Creed: Origins. But the Mario/Rabbids crossover could bring a lot more than just a game.

An article that was recently published over at Nintendo Everything noted that the game could very well be getting Amiibo support, though a new mode that will be featured in it titled "Amiibo machine." And, for good measure, it appears that the game will be getting not only support from already-produced Amiibo figurines, but also its own set of Amiibos.

A picture that was reportedly leaked from Ubisoft shows four different figures featuring Rabbid characters crossed over with familiar heroes from the Mario universe, including Luigi, Mario, Princess Peach and Yoshi. You can see that image below, if you can look past the "Ubisoft Confidential" lettering that appears. They seem to look quite legitimate, though neither Nintendo nor Ubisoft have confirmed that they'll be coming out just yet.


Releasing Amiibo toys for the game just makes sense, since Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle will be based on a popular Nintendo property, and the Switch is certainly adaptable when it comes to its Amiibo support. The question, though, is what kind of effects the game will have if you scan just regular Amiibo figures. We're sure to get answers to that question next week, either during Ubisoft's pre-E3 press conference, or Nintendo's special E3 Direct, which will air right before the show opens on Tuesday morning.

Nintendo has been pushing more for Amiibo support over the past few weeks, including putting popular Smash characters into production, like Ryu and Bayonetta, who's been long-awaited by many fans. This could also point to a potential comeback for the Smash series, though nothing has been finalized just yet. (But, come on, it has to happen.)

Meanwhile, all eyes are on the Mario + Rabbids presentation, as the game is likely to arrive later this year for Nintendo Switch. We'll bring you all the details once they're available!