Resident Evil 2 Cosplay Brings Ada Wong to Life

Since 1996, the Resident Evil franchise has delivered a number of memorable characters. From the cunning Albert Wesker, to the heroic Jill Valentine, Capcom's beloved series has given the industry some truly iconic character designs. As such, the cast has often proven a hit with the cosplay community, and one fan favorite in that regard is Ada Wong. First appearing in Resident Evil 2, Ada Wong proved to be a breakout in that particular title, and returned in multiple games in the franchise over the years. Cosplayer Alice Spiegel, also known as MightyRaccoon, recently modeled the fan favorite, and she clearly looks the part!

What's really amazing about the images is the fact that they legitimately look like they could be from the recent remake of Resident Evil 2! Photographer Nikolay Zharov shows an amazing attention to detail in each of these shots, and it really helps capture the look and feel of the game. It doesn't hurt that Spiegel's costume is perfectly on point!

One of the things that's truly amazing about the cosplay community is the way they can take a beloved on-screen character and bring them to life. It's just another way that the video game community shows a passion for the medium that extends beyond the games themselves. For some, it's not enough to simply play the games; some feel the need to experience them in ways that transcend the traditional experience, whether it's through building custom controllers, speedrunning, or cosplay.

While Ada Wong is best known for her role in Resident Evil 2 and its subsequent remake, the character has appeared in a number of games in the franchise since, including Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, and Resident Evil 6. The character even made an appearance on the big screen, portrayed by Li Bingbing in Resident Evil: Retribution. Though the Resident Evil films were known for taking liberties with the characters and settings from the games, their take on Ada Wong still wore her familiar red dress. Admittedly, Spiegel's might be a little bit more faithful, however!

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