Rumor: Resident Evil 2 Remake Gameplay Details Emerge

It's the age of remakes though some have us scratching our heads a bit, others, like the Resident [...]

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It's the age of remakes though some have us scratching our heads a bit, others, like the Resident Evil 2 Remake, have us super stoked to relive a classic. With Capcom being their usual teasing self, there hasn't been any real breakthroughs about the upcoming Resident Evil remake but luckily - the internet is here to save the day.

A new leak reveals some of the questions many of us have had about what's going to be different this time around. Disclaimer: Since the leak is coming from 4Chan, we encourage our readers to please take the below information with a grain of salt. Though some fantastic knowledge gems have come from this forum site, a long of less than stellar sources also dwell. That being said, if the information proves to be true - then we have a lot to be excited about!

According to the original post:

  • RE2 Remake is OTS. Mix of Rev 2 and RE4, no crouching.
  • They tried both Fixed and FPS, but it "didn't work out."
  • RPD and city is vastly redesigned.
  • Item twinkles are back. Just like in the Japanese version of RE2.
  • Only two campaigns. No zapping system. However Leon and Claire interact more because of this.
  • Crocodile was cut from the game.
  • Sherry is playable ...[can] defend herself like Natalia.
  • Ada section has been expanded. She even gets different weapons.
  • No 4th survivor, potential DLC.
  • Tofu potentially cut.
  • Focus is still on horror.
  • Difficulty is like RE7.
  • Costumes are back but with a heavy focus on DLC. Elza is a planned consume for Claire as is Leon's 1.5 gear.
  • You can develop the Rebecca Picture from the trash can and also "mean something else."
  • Late 2018 release date.

The good news is that it looks like a lot of what made Resident Evil 2 ... well, Resident Evil 2 is sticking around for the long-haul and we are interested in seeing those mentioned redesigns in close detail! Seeing the mechanical tie to Resident Evil 7 is interesting, and good, in light of fan reactions from the latest installment. To see Leon and Claire once more from how we remember them will be a treat!

Resident Evil 2 Remake doesn't have an official release window at this time.