Resident Evil 3 Demo Includes a Dramatic Trailer

Resident Evil 3’s public demo is approaching soon to give people their first hands-on experience [...]

Resident Evil 3's public demo is approaching soon to give people their first hands-on experience with the game and show what this remade version of the Resident Evil classic looks and feels like. The demo goes live for a wide release on March 19th, but depending on what area of the world you're in – or what region you have your console set to – you may be able to play the demo already. That's what some people have done, and once they reach the end of the demo, they found that there was an eventful trailer waiting for them that hasn't been seen before.

The trailer in question was ripped from the game and uploaded online for everyone to see if they haven't had a chance to play the demo yet or won't be able to anytime soon. Those who want to go into the demo with no indication of what they might find inside will probably want to wait until they play the demo themselves to know what to expect from it, but those who aren't worried about spoilers can check out the video below after it was shared to the Resident Evil subreddit.

New Insane Trailer from the demo! from r/residentevil

Capcom's Resident Evil 3 trailer from the demo shows a bunch of the characters that we've seen in trailers and other previews, but the footage itself is new. We get to see Jill and Carlos, two of the main characters from the game, as well as Nemesis, the persistent antagonist who hunts players throughout the game. Nemesis has a bunch of new tricks at his disposal as indicated by things like the laser sight on Jill which appears to be coming from Nemesis' rocket launcher, but he's not going to be quite as scary as people initially thought he'd be.

What we do know about the demo is that it'll show us Raccoon City, albeit an updated, reimagined look at the city. The developers working on the game confirmed as much recently by saying there's a "huge attention to detail" within the new city.

Anyone trying to play the Resident Evil 3 demo now could probably do so by messing with their device's set region, but if you don't want to go through the hassle, you'll be able to play it soon. The demo goes live on March 19th, and the Resident Evil Resistance demo will go live on March 27th.