Capcom Explains How Resident Evil 7 Took Inspiration from The Evil Dead

A new video featuring Capcom’s Koshi Nakanishi and Peter Fabiano gives players an in-depth look [...]

A new video featuring Capcom's Koshi Nakanishi and Peter Fabiano gives players an in-depth look at the creation process that went into making Resident Evil 7.

For those who have stuck with the series over the past few years, this latest Resident Evil game was likely a breath of fresh air. Recent games in the franchise adopted more of a shoot-em-up style where quick wit was punctuated by sprays of bullets, and while some players might've enjoyed that change, some of the fear factor was lost in the transition. But that all changed in Resident Evil 7 when Capcom traded in the plentiful ammo and open environments for a claustrophobic plantation and limited resources.

And when it came to putting the horror back into Resident Evil, Evil Dead was one of the main inspirations for how Capcom should build the game. As Fabiano pointed out, you'll notice some similarities between Resident Evil 7 and The Evil Dead. Both have a limited number of characters as opposed to new antagonists constantly being revealed, and both are set within a confined location. This allowed for much more narrow sets to be uses, a mechanic that's most noticeable in the tight hallways of the Baker household.

The game may have felt like a throwback to older Resident Evil games as well with its return to its horror roots, but it also took a new approach to the series. Gone are most of the familiar characters from the series – with the exception of Chris Redfield who's getting his own DLC soon – and the use of third-person or fixed-camera angles. Instead, this game put players in the driver's seat with a first-person perspective that was instrumental in making the VR adaptation a reality.

Throughout the video above, Fabiano explored other topics such as the decision to make the Baker family into a family instead of loosely connected individuals as well as the backtracking layout of the Baker mansion. The full video runs just under an hour, but it's packed with information that Resident Evil buffs will certainly appreciate.