Resident Evil: The Card Game Coming in 2022

Resident Evil is getting a card game. Gen X Games, a Spanish tabletop game publisher, has announced plans to release a new card game based on the Resident Evil video game franchise. Per Dicebreaker, who recently ran a feature on the game, the new game will be released to retail in first quarter 2022. Resident Evil: The Card Game is a new kind of co-op game. Instead of players controlling different characters to complete a single objective, the card game puts up to four players in control of either Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield. Players will try to move their chosen character through the dangerous Spencer Mansion, killing zombies and trying to find a way out of the structure alive. Per Dicebreaker, the game was inspired by passing a video game controller between friends, giving each person a chance to control the character. 

Gameplay in Resident Evil: The Card Game is focused around exploration. During each turn, players collectively choose three action cards to use before exploring different rooms of the mansion. Players open doors using keys scattered throughout the mansion, and those doors can contain different randomized items ranging from green herbs to new weapons. Some rooms also contain enemies and players can choose to either fight them or flee. S.T.A.R. members and iconic Resident Evil boss monsters also make appearances in the game. Once players beat the card game for the first time, they can also unlock a "New Game Plus" mode with additional items for future replays. 

The Resident Evil franchise has had a successful run on the tabletop, with an entire franchise of board games based around the first three games. Steamforged is set to launch a Kickstarter to fund production of Resident Evil: The Board Game, which is based off the first video game but ironically is the third in Steamforged's series of tabletop games. The Resident Evil franchise is also set to get a new movie that launches a rebooted movie universe. A new video game, Resident Evil Village, was also released this year to generally favorable reviews and accolades.