Resident Evil Netflix Series Reveals First Footage

Prior to its release in 2022, Netflix has now given us our first look at the upcoming Resident Evil TV series. This initial reveal isn't a long one by any means, with the footage that was released only lasting around 10 seconds. Still, what Netflix has opted to show off should give fans a better idea of how close to the source material this new Resident Evil show is going to look to cling to.

In a new clip that was briefly shared on social media today, Netflix showed off a clip from Resident Evil that featured one of the franchise's iconic zombified dogs. In the footage, the dog merely walks toward the camera before then snarling at something that is off to the side. Following this, the logo for the Resident Evil series then makes an appearance. Initially, this clip was one that Netflix showed on its own social media accounts, but it ended up removing it a short time after. Luckily, fans were able to quickly download the clip and save it for themselves before it was deleted. 

The fact that Netflix is starting to release footage like this for Resident Evil in any capacity could mean that more news on the project may be coming very soon. As a whole, this series is one that Netflix has kept well under wraps. To date, all that we really know about the series is that it will center around the video game franchise's character Albert Wesker and his family. Additionally, Netflix also unveiled earlier this year who will be starring in the show. Outside of these few bits of information, though, there's still a ton that we have left to learn. 

As mentioned before, Resident Evil is currently planned to launch at some point in 2022, with a more defined window yet to be revealed. If you'd like to keep up with the show moving forward, you can follow along at our dedicated coverage hub right here.


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