Resident Evil Project Resistance Trailer Features Return of Mr. X

Sleuthing fans had already figured out Capcom was releasing a new trailer today for a mysterious [...]

Sleuthing fans had already figured out Capcom was releasing a new trailer today for a mysterious Resident Evil project, and now we've finally got the projects full trailer. The new game is titled Project Resistance, and as you can see in the trailer the new title will be a full co-op experience with brand new characters introduced into the Resident Evil world. That said, there will be some memorable creatures and villains showing up, and we still aren't sure if any other icons of the franchise like Claire Redfield or Leon Kennedy will be showing up as well.

The trailer starts out with a mysterious figure activating a computer hub and setting off a countdown timer as he watches through the cameras. He spots four individuals walking through the complex, and then the camera zooms in on the group, all armed with a variety of weapons. They make their way to the door but after a switch flip the door slams shut and some bombs activate.

Another lever is activated and the room is filled with Zombies and a rather troublesome Licker. The team takes them out one by one with shotguns, pistols, and rifles, as well as using the bomb attached to the ground to finally end the Licker's days.

(Photo: Capcom)

At that point, the mysterious individual unlocks the door but then stands tall in the doorway, and after his red eyes glow you can see it is Mr. X, the hulking and deadly individual who stalked fans in every hallway and doorway of the Resident Evil 2 REmake.

The last shot is of the four survivors facing him down, and fans and press will get hands-on time with the game at the Tokyo Game Show. You can check out the full trailer above.

The game will likely have you using a combination of weapons and environmental objects to stem off the tide of enemies as you make your way to a boss, and this isn't the first time Capcom has toyed with the concept. Project Outbreak and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City come to mind, and while both had their share of fans, neither was the giant hit that was hoped for. Here's hoping the third time is the charm.

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