Resident Evil Series Passes 100 Million Copies Sold

Capcom's Resident Evil franchise has crossed a major threshold for the company, becoming its first [...]

Capcom's Resident Evil franchise has crossed a major threshold for the company, becoming its first to reach 100 million units shipped worldwide. It's an amazing achievement, and one that shows just how big the series has become for Capcom. The release of this year's remake of Resident Evil 3 undoubtedly helped the series reach that goal, but it's really a testament to the quality of the series as a whole that it continues to perform so well. With Resident Evil Village set to release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC next year, the series will no doubt continue to thrive.

The Resident Evil franchise kicked off in 1996 on the original PlayStation. While the game launched a major franchise for Capcom, it's also credited with starting the entire survival horror genre. Since then, the series has evolved in a number of ways, and it continues to have a major influence on the video game industry. Over the last 24 years, the Resident Evil franchise has encompassed seven main series entries, a number of spin-offs, a series of live-action movies, comic books, novelizations, action figures, and more.

What's amazing about Resident Evil's success is the fact that it reached 100 million units shipped before any of Capcom's other franchises. The company owns some of the most popular series in all of gaming, from big guns like Mega Man, Street Fighter, and Monster Hunter, to smaller ones like Darkstalkers, Dino Crisis, Viewtiful Joe, and Ace Attorney. Mega Man has often been seen as the company's mascot, but with Resident Evil's success, it might make more sense for Capcom to start using a character from that franchise instead. Perhaps Jill Valentine could take on the role, or maybe even Nemesis!

It seems only fitting that the announcement would come on the same day that Capcom revealed the existence of not one, but two major titles. In addition to Resident Evil Village, Capcom also debuted Pragmata for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Little is known about the game as of this writing, but it already looks compelling, to say the least. It will be interesting to see if the game can manage to spawn another major franchise for Capcom.

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